Advantage over traditional trial and error approach

  • Saves time, trials and therefore money and solvents as fewer trials are needed
  • Obtaining optimum conditions is more guaranteed.
  • Full ranges of conditions are explored for selection of the most robust points.

Advantage over conventional experimental design software packages

  • Retention modeling equations are more accurate and cover wider ranges of optimized conditions than those applied by conventional experimental design software packages.
  • Resolution function can not be modeled over wide ranges of conditions. CHROMOCAD enables instant calculation of resolution function after retention time prediction. This is not feasible in conventional experimental design software packages.
  • CHROMOCAD generate the corresponding predicted chromatograms for any selected point.


  • CHROMO-CAD represent the most affordable cost effective solutions in the field of computer aided method development software packages. This is in accordance with the main objective of the software that is saving costs


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